Professional Training Program

for CrossFit Athletes

For athletes looking to start competing or with competitive experience that want to step up to the next level. Specific adaptations for beginners and for athletes with goals at national and international level.

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Endurance Program

Improve your overall and specific conditioning allow yourself to effectively improve your work capacity.

WeightLifting Program

Perform exceptionally well by the numbers and experience of our WL World Class Coach and Master Athlete.

CF Program

This program is design to get you in Competition CF level. All the workouts are tested by our demo team before you do it.

Perform Exceptionally Well

High Quality & Professional Programming

“If you want to reach the full of your athletic potential, make the best use of your time and still have fun while doing so, don’t hesitate: The Alpha Program is designed for you!” Tiago Lousa, CEO and Coach.

Expert Intsructors

Meet Our Team of Coaches

Hugo Castro

Hugo Castro

CF and WeightLifting Coach

Hugo has invested the last 7 years learning and training WeightLifting with Olympic coaches from China, Russia and Ukraine. He is a WL World Champion.
CrossFit coach since 2011 and Head Coach at CrossFit AlphaDen.

Tiago Lousa

Tiago Lousa

CF and Endurance Coach

Tiago is a multi-sports lover. National Level Trail Running, Triathlon and Spartan Race Europe Winner. Has been training CrossFit and coaching Regional level athletes. He’s also an Aerobic Capacity Ambassador.
Marta Caetano

Marta Caetano

CF and Swimming Coach

From National Swimming Champion to top national CrossFit athlete. With a Degree in Sports Sciences, nowadays Marta spends most of her time training CrossFit for competition and coaching for different levels.

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Because being better is not an option, this programs are designed to bring the best of you. Hustle, thrive and excel with us.