Endurance Training Program

25.00 / month

CrossFit workouts are becoming longer and harder. That is no news!

It’s time to define the athlete you want to become. In order to maximize your individual performance you have no other choice but to build up your engine. Athletes and coaches are finally starting to realize that “aerobic training should be emphasized above all energy systems”.
It is obviously important on medium to long monostructural workouts but specially because it helps to pace between reps (like muscle ups ou dead lifts!) and to recovery between multiple workouts.

Our Program: Assessing the balance between the athlete’s endurance vs speed will allow us to design workouts with a specific configuration, volume and intensity; Our goal is to improve your overall and specific conditioning allowing you to effectively improve your work capacity.
We deliver 3 to 4 weekly workouts (Run, Row, Bike, Swim, mixed modal) all focused on:

  • VO2 Máx;
  • Lactate Threshold;
  • Aerobic Threshold.

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Designed for athletes with competition goals.
If athletes commit and trust me, they need to have the highest value and the best use of their time ensured.


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