Obstacle Course Racing Training Program

By Tiago Lousa

This is a day plan example from a previous OCR Training Program.


On the subscription plan, members can access to SugarWOD (mobile app) that has:

  • the workouts
  • the community forum;
  • personal stats;
  • coaches feedback;
  • notes to strategical thinking.

Jog: 10´

Séries de 400km (Pace: your best of km)

Beast: 15 x 400mts (I=75″)
Super: 11 x 400mts (I=75″)
Sprint 7 x 400mts (I=75″´)

Cool Down: 5-10´soft running

30´ Skill at the Rig

Even 10´ (3x): 90″ AMRAP Burpees

3 Sets

Band-Assisted Upper Anterior Chain Opener – Banded Scarecrows
Prone Cuban Press (full range) x 20 reps 

  • 4 Wall Climbs
  • 15/10 Push Ups
  • 8/4 Strict Pull ups

Buy in:
400m run

80 box jumps alt. 1-1
70 tire flips alt. 5-5
600m bucket carry 
50 pull ups / bar hold
60 wall ball alt 5-5
70m kb farmer carry/plank hold 
80 burpees alt 10-10

Buy out: 800m run

Our greatest accomplishments produce mental trophies; not physical trophies.

OCR Training Program
(VAT incl.)

Train smart with the experience of champions. Excel every day!

Start today!

Monday: Active recovery. Run or ergometers. Acessory work: hang/pull.
Tuesday: Skill work. Obstacles. Carry. Strongman.
Wednesday: Running Intervals. Core Conditioning.
Thursday: Sports. Obstacles Skills: Hanging. Ergometers.
Friday: Acessory work. Power and strength.
Saturday: Race Prep. Mix modal workouts.
Sunday: Long endurance / Trail running or OCR preparation events

Our Program: Assessing the balance between the athlete’s endurance vs speed will allow us to design workouts with a specific configuration, volume and intensity; Our goal is to improve your overall and specific conditioning allowing you to effectively improve your work capacity.
We deliver 3 to 4 weekly workouts (Run, Row, Bike, Swim, mixed modal) all focused on:


VO2 Máx


Lactate Threshold


Aerobic Threshold