CrossFit Open 19.1 Think smart before you do it

Fev 22, 2019CrossFit

So the things are taking place. Before you rush into the box to performance the 19.1 workout, take this little piece of advice from Tiago Lousa, our Endurance Expert and Aerobic Capacity Ambassador

Expert Tip

Row slightly above your 2k For Time pace.

For example: 2km = 7’00” (1’45″/500 mts) 1300 Kcal/h.

If you need help converting 500m pace in Kcal / H pace, send us a comment below.

Also, If you want a good warm-up protocol, here’s a free one designed to all our competition athletes.

Warm up Protocol For 19.1


Foam roller
Mobility + activation
Active samsons
Inch worms

2 sets. Alternate btw:
30″ Down Ups
30″ Assault Bike easy effort
30″ Bear walk
30″ Single unders
30″ Med Ball DL

15-20′ AMRAP for Quality

Row 10kcal @easy effort
5 Med Ball clusters
Row 15 Kcal @medium effort
5 WB shots
Row 10 Kcal @High effort

1 Set with purpose 
(focus on details and transitions)
Row 15kcal (@WOD pace)
Rest 30″
Row 20 Kcal (@WOD pace)
19 WB SHOTS ( WOD pace & break strategy)

Rest 2-5′


You are ready to rumble.

Let us know in the comments what’s your score.

Have good time. 🙂

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